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OS Release Version Size Link Src Count
Windows15/03/0927/04/093.63.04 Mosrc12325
Linux15/03/0927/04/093.62.53 Mosrc2196
Mac OS X13/04/0927/04/093.64.56 Mosrc1977
AmigaOS426/03/0926/03/093.55.89 Mosrc1169
Pandora14/07/1014/07/103.616.6 Mosrc1005
Total : 15307

Zelda Oni Link Begins is an Open Source game.

Thanks to:
- Lobalùz for translation
- Sébastien Huss for Pandora version
- HunoPPC (Hugues NOUVEL) for Amiga OS4 version
- All the site team for its support and participation
- All the site community for its help debugging the game and its ideas and suggestions

If you are a webmaster:
You can allow the download of Zelda OLB from your website with these links:
- Windows : <a href=''>Zelda Oni Link Begins</a>
- Linux : <a href=''>Zelda Oni Link Begins</a>

Everyone :
You can all support the game adding one or more banners in your sign on the forums allowing this. Banners are available here.